At Namma Homeopathy, the goal is to treat with a minimal dose which triggers the body’s natural defence.

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    The homeopathic method of treating infertility addresses a person’s unique physical, mental, and genetic makeup. It provides a long-term remedy and addresses a health issue at its source without any adverse side effects. Homeopathic Treatment for Infertility first identifies the disorder’s fundamental problem, attends to it minutely, and produces the desired results.

    Infertility is a growing concern among couples who are trying to conceive. It is defined as the inability to conceive after one year of regular, unprotected intercourse. Infertility can be caused by a variety of factors, including hormonal imbalances, genetic disorders, and lifestyle factors such as stress and poor diet.

    For men, infertility can be caused by a low sperm count, poor sperm motility, or structural abnormalities of the reproductive organs. Common causes of male infertility include varicocele, infection, and exposure to environmental toxins. The diagnosis of male infertility includes semen analysis, genetic testing, and a physical examination of the reproductive organs.

    For women, infertility can be caused by a variety of factors including polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). In addition, age is also a major factor in female infertility as the ability to conceive declines with age. The diagnosis of female infertility includes pelvic examination, ultrasound, and blood tests to measure hormone levels.

    Some Signs and Symptoms of Infertility Disorders:

    Not being able to get pregnant is the main sign of infertility. There might not be any other evident signs. For example, an infertile woman may occasionally experience irregular or absent menstruation. An infertile male may sometimes exhibit symptoms of hormonal imbalances, such as changes in hair growth or erection patterns.

    Causes of infertility

    • Male Disorders:  Low Sperm Count & Low Motility | Azoospermia (zero sperm count) | Sexual disorders – Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation | Sexual Weakness | Micro Penis | Varicocele | Hydrocele | Benign Prostate Hypertrophy | Prostate Cancer

    • Female Disorders:  PCOD | Thyroid disorders | Hormonal Imbalances | Irregular Menses & Painful Menses | Uterine Fibroids | Tubal blocks | PID Pelvic Inflammatory diseases | Leucorrhoea | Pre-Menstrual & Post-Menopausal Syndrome | Delayed Puberty | Endometriosis | Sexually transmitted infections | Uterine abnormalities – Hypo-plastic Uterus and Ovaries | Repeated Miscarriages |Breast Cancer and Uterine Cancer


    The best homeopathic medicine for infertility is offered by Namma Homeopathy, which also works to strengthen the body’s capacity for reproduction while shortening the time it takes to conceive a child naturally. We also aid in eradicating inherited disorders and genetic flaws, allowing the body to carry a pregnancy to term.


    • Low sperm count and low motility
    • Azoospermia (zero sperm count)
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Premature ejaculation
    • Varicocoele and hydrocoele
    • Benign prostate hypertrophy
    • Prostate cancer
    • PCOD
    • Fibroids
    • Polyps
    • Endometriosis
    • Adenomyosis
    • Thyroid problems
    • Tubal blockages
    • Other Hormonal Disturbance

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