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We Provide
Full Medical Care!

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We Provide
Full Medical Care!

Highest standards of customer service

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20+ year’s of collective Experience

A vital hub for your Health, Healing, and Happiness in the heart of your city!

Namma Homeopathy offers advanced homeopathic treatment with accurate disease diagnosis. Homeopathic Therapy is an Age-Old natural medication totally for you and your family/ of all ages. The medicines are created from fine particles extracted from plants, animals, or minerals suspended in distilled water or spirit. The essence of the medicine is very effective and strengthens the body, mind, and heart with the aim of triggering the body’s own healing mechanisms.

  • check-mark-1360 Degree Health Care for all Medical Ailments
  • check-mark-1Individual Personalised Attention, Care & Treatment
  • check-mark-1Multi-Network Health System in 15+ Cities
  • check-mark-110000+ Successful Treatment for Happy Patients

150+ Expert Specialist Doctors

Our Homeopaths maintain high standards, hygiene and specifications for nature of the medication approved by Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and international Homeopathic organisations like the Homœopathic Pharmacopœia

10000+ Success Cases

Over a number of years, Namma Homeopathy’s Homeopathy, has successfully treated more than 10,000+ patients and have given them safe treatment and medical procedures that have had early recovery and impact on them

Present in 15+ Cities

To deliver advanced Homeopathic treatment and medication, Namma Homeopathy’s Homeopathy centre is located in 15+ cities all over India. The wide multi-network in Homeopathic Health Care Systems aims to reach and treat

20+ year’s of collective Experience

With years of experience, each of Namma Homeopathy’s Homeopaths are specialized in various categories and arenas of health in advanced homeopathy i.e. Hormones, Respiration, Cardiovascular

Our Specialised Treatments

Namma Homeopathy treats every patient according to their individual health statistics and induces additional care with minute recuperation process, keeping in mind the totality of symptoms present.

Hormone Disorders
Respiratory Disorders
Bone and Joint Disorders
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Skin Disorders
Vascular Disorders
Psychiatric Disorders
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Our Specialists

At Namma Homeopathy, we offers the widest choice of the most highly skilled, compassionate physicians and advanced homeopathic treatment with accurate disease diagnosis.


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