Bone and Joint Disorders

We are committed to delivering the best and long term treatment regime for bones and joint disorders with no side effects.

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    Bone and Joint Disorders

    From a traumatic leg fracture to gradually worsening arthritis of the hands, disorders affecting the bones and joints come in many forms. Without proper treatment, bone and joint conditions can lead to chronic pain and disability. Healthy joints such as wrists, shoulders, knees, ankles and finger joints allow your body to move with ease. Bones such as the femur (thighbone) and humerus (upper arm) also contribute to the movement. Bones have several other vital functions, as well. They protect your organs, like your skull shielding the brain. Bone marrow produces blood cells. Bones provide storage for minerals like calcium and release a hormone that helps control blood sugar levels. With all the ways bones contribute to good health, bone diseases can disrupt your entire body.

    Some Signs and Symptoms of Child Disorders:

    Mood changes | Intense feelings | Behaviour changes | Difficulty concentration | Unexplained Weight loss | Physical symptoms | Physical harm | Substance abuse

    Bone Disease Types:

    1. Osteoporosis
    2. Metabolic bone diseases
    3. Fracture
    4. Stress fracture
    5. Bone cancer
    6. Scoliosis

    Joint Disease Types:

    1. Osteoarthritis
    2. Psoriatic Arthritis
    3. Viral Arthritis
    4. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    5. Spondyloarthritis
    6. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
    7. Lupus
    8. Gout
    9. Bursitis


    How and when bone pain occurs, or subtle changes in how joints look and feel, can help indicate which type of condition you might have:

      1. Joint stiffness (arthritis).
      2. Decreased range of motion (arthritis).
      3. Decreased joint function (arthritis).
      4. Bumps on small finger joints (osteoarthritis).
      5. Soft, warm, painful swelling of both wrists and hands, in large knuckles (rheumatoid arthritis).
      6. Persistent morning joint stiffness (rheumatoid arthritis).
      7. Fatigue and whole-body symptoms (rheumatoid arthritis).
      8. Bone pain at rest (systemic conditions like cancer).
      9. Bone or joint pain with activity (overuse injury).
      10. The gradual loss of height or stooped posture (osteoporosis).
      11. Unexplained back pain (osteoporosis).
      12. A shoulder or hip that’s higher than the other (scoliosis).
      13. Leg-length discrepancy (various conditions).


    At Namma Vaidhyashaala – Advanced Homeopathy, we are committed to delivering the best and long term treatment regime for bones and joint disorders with no side effects to help you improve the quality of your life by strengthening your bones and joints without any surgery.

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