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    Mental disorders among children are described as serious changes in the way children typically learn, behave, or handle their emotions, which cause distress and problems getting through the day.
    Childhood mental and developmental disorders encompass neurodevelopmental, emotional, and behavioral disorders that have broad and serious adverse impacts on psychological and social well-being. Children with these disorders require significant additional support from families and educational systems; the disorders frequently persist into adulthood.

    A child is said to be disordered when he/she is not meeting normal behavioral needs to his age in the form of sociability i.e behaving with the people known or unknown, adapting to the situations or with the destructive nature of the child. Failure to develop to his age which leads to lot many issues in behavior and these are found in the early school going children when the child has to go out of his protection or security of the mother and home to a place unknown to him and strangers. These disorders could be mostly acquired after birth of the child and in few during the pregnancy. Many a children are wrongly diagnosed as Autistic or ADHD these days owing to the hyperactivity of the children and forced to various types of therapies of behavior or speech which go in vain. Understanding the child as to why did he fail to attain his normal behavioral growth in form of Homeopathic understanding will help the child grow normally without stress.

    Some Signs and Symptoms of Child Disorder:

    Mood changes | Intense feelings | Behaviour changes | Difficulty concentration | Unexplained Weight loss | Physical symptoms | Physical harm | Substance abuse

    Types of Child illnesses:

    Common childhood mental illnesses | Developmental disorders | Depression | Bipolar Disorder | Anxiety Disorders | Autism | Pervasive Developmental Disorders | Attention Deficit | Hyperactivity Disorder | Learning Disabilities | Adjustment Disorders | Oppositional Defiant Disorder | Conduct Disorder


    Namma Homeopathy provides treatment to school children, adolescents and youths, who are suffering from attention deficiency, concentration and behavioural changes etc. Our clinicians use homeopathy to treat everything from ADHD to ASD and the results are excellent. We offer medication, support and counselling to children to overcome their problems and improve quality of life.


    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    • Anxiety Disorder
    • Depression
    • Bipolar Disorder
    • Learning Disorders
    • Conduct Disorders